Vader High Top Wrist Wraps
Vader High Top Wrist Wraps
Vader High Top Wrist Wraps
Vader High Top Wrist Wraps

Vader High Top Wrist Wraps

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Our Vader High Tops have been one of our most popular wrist wraps over the last few years. Made with two layers of leather and a curved backing behind the hand, these wrist wraps are for those who want and need a sturdy, but not too stiff, wrist wrap. The top layer features our Vader leather and the inside layer is made of a black suede which assists in preventing any slipping during a sweaty training session.

Great for the athlete who deals with wrist issues or injuries, these wrist wraps will give you the support you need without feeling too restricted in the front rack position or overhead. With the use of our roller buckle fastener, you can loosen or tighten them up before a lift without having to struggle.

Used by athletes competing in the World Championships and Olympics, the Vader High Tops are recommended for anyone looking for the perfect blend of extra support without feeling too stiff.


Please note that the acidity in sweat can break down the dye in the suede, leaving a black mark that's washable off your wrist after training. This doesn't happen on every hide of suede, mainly on darker ones.

Care Tips:

For optimal care, it is highly recommended to let all leather items get some fresh air. Avoid stashing them in shipping bags – instead, hang them on the outside of your bag using one of our bag straps or tuck them away inside your bag with one of our mesh bags. Using our Onyx Oil every now and then is also advised to keep them in top shape. This helps shield them from the negative effects of chalk, sweat, and the wear and tear of training.


5.5" - 7" = Small
6" - 7.5" = Medium
7" - 8.5"+ = Large
*Make sure you measure right at the wrist joint.

There is sizing flexibility between the wraps depending on how much wrist coverage you want. If you want more of the curvature up the back of your hand, go with the Medium or Large. If you want a minimal feel at your wrist with less curvature, go with the Small. The size of curvature on the medium and large is the same. If your wrist fits both the Medium and Large, you can purchase either, the Large will have a slightly longer tail than the Medium so up to you!