Wrist Wraps: Find the perfect wrap for you

"Hey Onyx, explain the difference between Low Tops, High Tops, and Low Riders to me."

We would love to! We get this question a lot and we always want to ensure you're using the right product for your needs in order to get the most out of your purchase. 

To answer the question simply, it comes down to how much wrist wrap support you want. If you have had any wrist issues in the past or like to ensure your wrist is locked in super tight preventing extension, we always suggest the High Tops. The additional leather that arches up along the back of your hand provides that support and prevents your wrist from extending. 

If you prefer wrist support to plug the wrist joint rather than the additional coverage, the Low Tops are ideal. We also suggest the Low Tops if you do 'other' things with the wraps than just weightlifting, like a CrossFit Metcon where you're moving through various movements and don't want to be entirely restricted through your wrist. 

If you're still not 100% sure what wrap would work best for you we have designed the perfect combination of the Low Tops and High Tops... The Low Riders! The Low Riders are the same design as the Low Tops but have the same thickness and support as the High Tops. We have a variety of athletes from Weightlifting, CrossFit, ShotPut, Physique Training, and Powerlifting who fall in love with these wraps.

Wrist Sizing for Low Tops and High Tops
6" and less = Small
6.25" - 7" = Medium
7"-7.5" = Medium or Large depending on how much wrist coverage you want
7.5"+ = Large

Wrist Sizing for Low Rider (NEW INCLUSIVE SIZING)
6" and less = XSmall
6" - 6.5" = Small
6.5" - 7.27" = Medium
7.25" - 8" = Large
8"+ = XLarge

Questions to ask yourself to decide which you think would be best:

What are you using them for?
High Tops:
Wrist Injury Support
Ensuring your wrist is locked in and unmovable

Low Tops:
Moderate wrist support
Metcons where you're switching into positions where you need to extend your wrist like a pushup

Low Riders:
The perfect hybrid of the Low Tops and High Tops
All of the above
Moderate to heavy support 

The Low Tops were the first version of the wrist wrap we designed back in 2019. We wanted to create a low-profile wrist support option rather than the large wraps that go so far down your forearm. We knew all you needed to do to support the wrist joint was plug that joint rather than have so much material further down your forearm. After the Low Tops were launched, we wanted to do something that provided that next level of support. We added in the additional arch of leather and made it 2 layers with suede to prevent slipping on the wrist. Thus, the High Tops were born. In 2022 we dropped the new hybrid of the two wraps the Low Riders. 

This should provide clarity to you on which wrist wrap you think would be best. If you have any further questions, reach out to us at customerservice@onyxstraps.com!