Cherry Bomb Wrist Wraps Onyx
Cherry Bomb Wrist Wraps  Onyx
Cherry Bomb Wrist Wraps Onyx
Cherry Bomb Wrist Wraps  Onyx

Cherry Bomb High Top Wrist Wraps

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The high top wrist wraps provide more wrist support than anything we've ever offered before. 

  • Two layers of leather 
  • One layer of suede to prevent slipping 
  • Thick support 
  • More wrist joint coverage than the Low Tops (the original wrist wrap) 
  • Easily tighten or loosen between sets with a roller buckle and velcro fastener

Care Tip:

Its best practice to air out all genuine leather products. Do not use shipping bags for storage instead hang them out side of your bag with one of our bag straps or store inside your bag with one of our mesh bags. Extra protection from chalk, sweat, and other harsh effects from training. It is recommended to occasionally use our Onyx oil on the outside leather not suede.

Wrist sizing is as follows:

5.5" - 7" = Small
6" - 7.5" = Medium
7" - 8.5"+ = Large
*Make sure you measure right at the wrist joint.

There is sizing flexibility between the wraps depending on how much wrist coverage you want. If you want more of the curvature up the back of your hand, go with the Medium or Large. If you want a minimal feel at your wrist with less curvature, go with the Small. The size of curvature on the medium and large is the same. If your wrist fits both the Medium and Large, you can purchase either, the Large will have a slightly longer tail than the Medium so up to you!