The Barcelona Wallet - A Minimalist Wallet with a Money Clip

Large bulky wallets are a thing of the past.

If you're looking for a handcrafted leather wallet that holds a lot of cards plus cash while keeping a small profile, the Barcelona Wallet is for you.

The design of the Barcelona wallet actually started back a few years ago. When I was learning about leather crafting in the early days of Onyx, I had a lot of scrap leather. So instead of throwing the scraps away, I started making wallets with it.

I made a few different designs but I always returned to using this one specific design for my everyday carry: a simple vertical 2 pocket wallet that held my most used cards in the front and the rest of the cards in the back.

The problem with this was that the cards in the back pocket were harder to get out. Struggling to pull out my Costco card quickly wasn't something I wanted to work through every time I wanted to use it.

Carrying cash was also an issue. I would fold it up and shove it in the front pocket if a had a few bills. If I had more bills, I'd just fold it in half and keep it in my pocket next to my wallet.

This can get messy and bulky, especially if you have your keys in your pocket as well.

So, I went back to my original design and added a thumb slot for the cards in the back and added a money clip to it.

BAM! The Barcelona Wallet was created.

In my own biased opinion, this is the perfect for those wanting a minimalist wallet that does it all:

  • Low profile, a little bigger than your cards
  • Easy access for most used cards in front pocket
  • Quick access of cards in the back via thumb slot
  • Holds plenty of cash folded up
  • Premium Italian leather
  • Patinas beautifully. The more you touch it, the smoother it gets

This is my personal carry wallet. Check out the patina that's developed over the last 4 months. 

While we are now just starting to offer it on our website, I've shared this style wallet on my personal IG story and have made a few dozen of these for people over the last few months already. The people love it.

The Barcelona Wallet comes in black and in a beautiful cognac brown color with a removable laser engraved money clip.

So, if you're looking for hand crafted leather minimalist wallet, the Barcelona Wallet would be a great choice. Head over to our website or click HERE for more wallet options.

Here's a picture of the leather that's aged over a year in our Pocket Hercules design.

Hope you guys have a great rest of the week!