2024 USA Weightlifting Master's National Recap

So this past weekend was USAW Master’s Nationals in Reno, NV. After this past weekend, I’m inspired to keep a blog or a newsletter so that I can write to the Onyx community directly. I don’t know how these are going to really go, as I’m not much of a writer. But you gotta start somewhere and so here we are. Day 1 baby.

Few things that stood out: USAW did a great job hosting Master’s National Championship. The event felt and looked like a National meet. I was told there were 500 old people registered. I saw a few walking canes. Lots of wrinkles and white hair out there as well, but also lots of people in their 30s and 40s. All crushing it. You're never too old for weightlifting.

One of the coolest things this weekend was I got to hang out with Danny from Caffeine & Kilos. He’s writing a book (http://www.winyournexthour.com) and he was telling me about the process. I told him I want to write a little more, like a blog or newsletter to the Onyx community, but that I feel like an imposter because my writing sucks. His eyes squinted together and looked at me and said, “You’re suppose to feel like an imposter. You’re not that person yet so you’re going to feel like an imposter. You should always be feeling like an imposter. That means you’re trying to get better at something.”

Yeah that was some good advice so cheers to that one. It inspired me to just put this out there. Hopefully it’s entertaining enough for people to read. And if not, whatever. It’ll just be something I can look back to as a bookmark in time with a short description of some shit that stood out.

Also some inside scoop: C&K and Onyx are going to be dropping a fire collab next week. Can’t wait for you guys to see it.

I saw a friend I haven’t seen in 20 years. He’s into weightlifting and he and his wife competed this weekend. What a trip. We both looked at each other and said “Wait what’s your name?”

I should have said, “Ezekiel. What’s your name?” Missed opportunity.

Kinda crazy and trippy to run into a friend from 20 years ago and find that they are now doing weightlifting.

One of my favorite moments from this weekend was when I got to chat with Stephanie Barrus. Stephanie said she had never tried our wrist wraps on before Saturday. She liked the way they felt and bought a pair and competed with them a few hours later. She podiumed and came back to my table to tell me they helped her and she does not feel any pain when she lifts when wearing them. Hell to the mf yeah. Probably not a good idea to change up anything on the day of your meet but hey, it’s a Master’s meet. Whatever that means I guess. Congratulations again Stephanie.

You can find her video here:


I started wrapping up the booth around 3 and we started driving home at 4. We drove straight through and got back home at 2AM. 10 hours after a long weekend was brutal. We only stopped for Jack in the Box and gas once.

Yeah... I don’t know how to end newsletters so that’s what you guys get for now. Plus I’m super tired and can’t think anymore. In conclusion: the 2024 USAW Master’s Nationals was awesome from this dude’s perspective.

Love you. Bye.