Wrist Wrap Sizing

Nobody wants to make an online order and then have it not fit once you get it - that's the absolute worst! So when you're looking at picking up some wrist wraps and aren't sure what size to get, grab a tape measure and do a quick wrist measurement above your wrist bones, right at the base of your hand. That's where the wrist wrap will sit to support your wrist.

If your wrist measures 6" or smaller, the small is the best choice for you. You won't have too much of a 'tail' of excess leather and you'll still be able to get the wrap tight to your preference. 

If your wrist measures over 6.25" up to 7", the medium is the best choice for you. If your wrist measures 7" - 7.25" and you like a lower profile wrap (like not a thick band) then go with the mediums. Being in this range gives you some flexibility of Medium or Large but again, if you like less 'stuff' at your wrist, go with the medium.

If your wrist measures 7.25" or higher, you're definitely going to want the large. You have a lot of joint to support and we need to ensure you have a wider band of leather to handle the weight and force moving through your joint. 

If you're not sure where or what to measure, check out our instagram page and find our post from October 16, 2019 where Chris and Danny walk you through sizing. You can see a couple different wrist sizes and what the various wrap sizes look like on those wrists. 

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