Makers Corner Sept. 23 - The Belt with Danny

What's up fellow weightlifters! Danny here to update you on "The Belt". We're very excited for all of you to get your hands on this product we're extremely proud of.
The Onyx Weightlifting Belt was designed specifically with the weightlifter in mind. As a weightlifter myself, I’ve used plenty of weightlifting belts but, there wasn’t a belt on the market that could solve all the issues I had with other leather belts. So I made my own.
Our belt is designed to maximize support. At its thickest point (back panel) it is constructed of 3 layers of leather that taper down to 2 layers around each end of the belt (buckle and strap). This grants the lifter some additional security in the back, while allowing for less thickness in the front.
Another issue I’ve had with some leather belts is the pinching of the ribs and hips during a clean or squat. To address this, we decided to taper the belt so that it sits in the curve of the hips and ribs so that the athlete doesn't have to think about the position of the belt in their bottom position.
Another thing with leather belts was the spacing of the holes. Most weightlifting belt companies usually space their holes at 1 inch apart from each other. The problem with that is I either felt I needed a little more tightness or it’s too little loose. With a ¾ inch space between each hole, our belts will find a better fit around your waist.
This belt was designed to be the last weightlifting belt you will ever need. It addresses all the issues I’ve had with leather belts as a weightlifter and is qualified to be used in IWF or USA Weightlifting sanctioned events. Our belts also come with a lifetime guarantee. We stand behind our belts 1000%. Made by weightlifters in the USA, for weightlifters pursuing excellence in weightlifting.