Onyx Oil 101

Onyx Oil is a yellow oil which usually goes by the name Neatsfoot Oil, rendered and purified from the shin bones and feet (but not hooves) of cattle. This oil is a conditioning, softening and preserving agent for leather and will help your leather products stand the test of time. Overtime, your Onyx leather can dry out due to the amount of sweat and chalk that gets onto the the leather. This can cause the leather to weaken and when tested with heavy weights, sometimes can tear. With Onyx Oil applied periodically, your straps avoid that dryness that causes leather to weaken and will ensure your leather products are reliable with the barbell for years to come. We cannot stress enough how much longer your leather products will last when using Onyx Oil properly!

Onyx Oil will likely darken the color of your products, although we find that with the amount of chalk that gets onto the leather straps and wraps, it's a welcome change back closer to the color of the product when you first bought them!