The Sidekick Belt Bag
The Sidekick Belt Bag
The Sidekick Belt Bag
The Sidekick Belt Bag
The Sidekick Belt Bag
The Sidekick Belt Bag
The Sidekick Belt Bag
The Sidekick Belt Bag
The Sidekick Belt Bag
The Sidekick Belt Bag
The Sidekick Belt Bag
The Sidekick Belt Bag
The Sidekick Belt Bag
The Sidekick Belt Bag

The Sidekick Belt Bag

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The Sidekick Belt Bag: Your Ultimate Fitness Companion!

Are you tired of juggling your essentials while you're pushing your limits at the gym or on the go? Say hello to your new fitness bestie, The Sidekick Belt Bag. This sleek and practical accessory is designed to streamline your active lifestyle, keeping your essentials within arm's reach and your style on point.

Our Belt Bag is all about convenience. The adjustable belt buckle closure ensures a snug and secure fit around your waist or across the body, allowing you to move freely without the hassle of a traditional bag. Whether you're hitting the weights, going for a run, or exploring the outdoors, your essentials are right where you need them.

Stay organized on the go with our thoughtfully designed mesh inner pockets. These compartments offer ample space to stow away your keys, phone, wallet, and other small items. No more digging around or worrying about misplacing your valuables during your workout – it's all neatly organized in the inner pockets.

We understand that quick access is key. That's why we've added an external zipper pocket to the Belt Bag's design. Perfect for storing items you need to grab on the fly, like keys, headphones, or a fitness tracker. Keep everything secure and at your fingertips.

Our iconic end cap logo is beautifully embroidered in white on the front of The Sidekick Belt Bag. It's a subtle yet stylish nod to your commitment to fitness and quality.


Small 5.5" - 6.5"
Medium 6" - 7.5"
Large 7" - 8.5"+


*There is sizing flexibility between the wraps depending on how much wrist coverage you want. If you want more of the curvature up the back of your hand, go with the Medium or Large. If you want a minimal feel at your wrist with less curvature, go with the Small. The size of curvature on the Medium and Large is the same. If your wrist measurement fits both the Medium and Large, you can purchase either, the Large will have a slightly longer tail than the Medium.


XSmall under 5.5” 


5.5" - 6.5"
Medium 6" - 7.25"
Large 7.25"- 8"
XLarge 8"+



Small 25-31"


Large 33-39"
XLarge 37-43"
XXLarge 41-47"

To find your perfect fit follow these instructions below
• Ensure your abs are relaxed and measure your torso around the belly button. Pull measuring tape tight around your torso for a good fit
• Use this measurement to determine where you are closest to the middle of the range
• For example, if you measure 31” opt for a medium not a small as 31" is more central to the medium than the small


For optimal care, it is highly recommended to let all leather items get some fresh air. Avoid stashing them in shipping bags – instead, hang them on the outside of your bag using one of our bag straps or tuck them away inside your bag with one of our mesh bags. Using our Onyx Oil every now and then is also advised to keep them in top shape. This helps shield them from the negative effects of chalk, sweat, and the wear and tear of training.


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