Product Reviews

"The best weightlifting straps! Love them." Jenny Arthur, @jenny.arthur

"Definitely the best quality and most comfortable lifting straps I've ever used. Other straps would give me blisters and.or rashes, they would smell after a while, or would break. Every pair of Onyx Straps, while a little different from each other depending on what kind you get, is comfortable, durable, easy to release and that leather smell though...." Alana Hodge, @alanahodge__

"I’ve been using Onyx Straps for a little over a year now. I’ve used two different lengths and both work wonders to keep my hands healthy and comfortable while lifting. Onyx Straps are must for me, especially during pulls at the end of a long training week." Nicole Lim, @_nicole_lim 

"Onyx Straps are sooo sweet and buttery. Bought a pair last year and they're the only straps that have been comfortable enough to use on a regular basis."  George Gonzalez, @gjunito

"What can I say? I own 2 pairs and still on my first pair because they've held up so well. Everyone on my team uses them. I wouldn't use any other strap. They are the best." Carlee Acevedo Fuller, @Carleeacevedofuller 

"I was introduced to Onyx Straps by my coach, Colin Burns. I currently use both the Vader straps and the Sonic Blue straps. No other straps on the market are as comfortable or as durable. After training with Onyx Straps, I won't train with nylon or cotton pairs- They are an absolute necessity for my heavy training days!" Jilly Jaworske, Co-Owner of TSS Barbell, @jillyjaworske @TSSBarbell

"These are the most comfortable, and durable, lifting straps you'll ever purchase. The leather is high quality, the stitching is master level, and they will last you forever. I initially had 3 pairs, but I had to give two of them away because the one's I've been using daily are still perfect! I've had them for 2.5 years now, and each day they get better and better. Once they break in, they are formed perfectly around your wrists and hands. I also have one of their wallets, and it is perfect for your cards and cash; plus it looks hella stylish. You won't regret purchasing Onyx Straps products." Matt Bergeron, Owner of 1st Attempt Weightlifting @matt_bdb_bergeron

"I've been weightlifting since 2005 and these are the best straps I've used, bar none. The durability and comfort is second to none, and the longer you use them, the softer the leather gets. A great strap and an absolute steal for the price. My whole team now uses them as well!"
Wes Feighner. Owner of Brea Barbell Club @breabarbellclub 

"I’ve been using Onyx Straps for about 4 months now and they’ve honestly helped me SO much with lifting!! Using straps will force you to work on your pull under and not worry about losing grip. They are especially helpful for snatch/clean pulls so you can focus on engaging your back/lats. You don’t want just any straps though... you want Onyx Straps because of the quality!! The leather is built to last, super comfortable, and comes in so many different cute colors/styles!! Something I love about Onyx Straps is how the company makes more than just straps. They sell apparel, wallets, cord tacos, and more!!" Toni Indelicato, @toniindelicato_

 "I have the Candy Pink straps and I LOVE THEM! The leather is so soft and comfortable on the wrist unlike the nylon, they don't pull or irritate my skin. They lock into place once you wrap them around the barbell, you never had to adjust because they do not loosen while you are doing your sets, I recommend Onyx Straps every chance I get!" Tina Louise, @tina__louise

"I've only been lifting about a year and have hit 45kg on the snatch and 60kg on the C&J (a month after healing from a broken toe). The straps are fantastic. They have been a tremendous help in training. They are easy to use and comfortable." Liz Barcelo, 53kg Masters @ironlizb