The Maker's Corner April 1

Hey what’s up fellow weightlifters! Danny here. We wanted to create a way to be more in touch with you and allow you to hear from us more on what we're up to in the shop. We have a busy schedule coming up with a few local events on the horizon as well as a few new product drops in the near future. 

As for this week, we fully restocked our Vader, Burgundy and Red Bottom Lifting Straps (items available below). Check out our instagram story today to see the progress on those! I’ve cut and foil stamped over the last 2 days and will be finishing up the gluing and sewing today. We’ve also restocked our black on black Bag Straps. We’re opting for one length that will work well for smaller and larger bags instead of making multiple sizes. This will allow us to offer more color options for bag straps in the future too.

We're getting ready for our hemp wrist wrap drop on April 20th so look out for more photos we'll be releasing of those!

Aside from those short updates, this weekend we will be in Oxnard, California on Saturday to support Vehement Elite Athletic’s 2021 Rising Tides Development Meet. If you are local, come swing by and check out some weightlifting with us!


Happy Training!

Danny Ear 

ps. the picture is me working on a prototype belt for a Super. The belt was almost 5ft long! 


Onyx Straps Leather