Maker's Corner May 21

Hey friends!

This week you're hearing from me, Sarah Amenta (Chris' wife), instead of Danny. Danny's been so busy lately that he didn't get a chance to write his Maker's Corner this week so I thought I would send you a quick message on what we've been up to. 

Last weekend we were at an event in Laguna Niguel and had a great time touching base with local friends and supporting the 140 weightlifters competing at the Left Coast meet. We're back in the swing of events and its so fun seeing everyone - we cannot wait for Detroit! Let us know if you'll be there!

We're excited to show you new colors and products we've been working on lately. If you didn't see on our instagram story this week, we found some gorgeous tropical blue, purple, and pink leather (below) that we cannot wait to turn into some straps and add as a custom option for the Custom High Top *chefs kiss*. It can actually be pretty hard to find bright colors that are thick enough to make quality weightlifting products out of. Often bright colors are only super thin, made more for the fashion industry. This is why we do limited editions of products when they're an awesome color (like the Purple Showtime Wrist Wraps we did), because the leather suppliers don't regularly have it - so we buy it when we can!

On another note, some of you have been patiently waiting for our Bison Straps and we are ready to announce that they will be dropping on June 20, just in time for Nationals week! You'll be able to grab them online or at our booth. 

Happy Nationals Prep, hope you're surviving through the thick of it right now!

- Sarah