Maker's Corner June 4

Hey what’s up fellow weightlifters! We have a busy schedule coming up within next few weeks with some exciting new drops and the Detroit Nationals in July. As for this week, our first full time employee Kesli has joined our team. She has been working with us part time for the passed year on orders, in house sewing, creating and organizing. We greatly appreciate all the support and love from you guys. Being able to run a small business and expand into bigger and better things with being able to support others, like Kesli, who pursuer the love of weightlifting just like all of us!

Now onto business, within the next few weeks you’ll see some more color in our inventory. We just dropped three new leathers for our custom wraps: pink, purple and Caribbean green. If you’re joining us in Detroit you may see these colors in strap and matching key chains. Yesterday we dropped our Dark Knight Weightlifting Straps you may have seen this name and leather from our deadlifting straps. This strap comes in our classic lasso style strap in two color ways: limited edition Chromatic with Rainbow thread for the month of June and Classic Sliver with Black. The black and silver is a new addition to our inventory but the chromatic will only be here till their gone! 

For in house inventory, we are stocking up and getting ready for Detroit July 24th - 5th. We’ll have a booth the whole weekend, please swing on by and say hi! 

Happy Training!