Maker's Corner Blog May 7

What’s goodie weightlifters?! Hope you all had a solid training week week so far. My training weeks been good so far. I sit here writing this as I am warming up for today’s session. Chris has some heavier lifts in my programming today so I’m excited to get to attempt some of these today. Let’s hope they don’t look like crap.

This week in the shop, I’ve been working to restock our Dark Knight lasso-style straps. I’m surprised at how quick these went since. I made about 20 pairs on the last run and there’s a few left. We had a few people mention that they are a little wide for small athletes so I’ve decided to make some in the lasso style but with a 1.25 inch width instead of the 1.5 inch they usually come in. (The 1.25 is what all our other straps are in width.) IMO, the perfect width for straps. Not too thin, not too wide. The leather is an oiled leather with one side feeling almost like rubber, so there’s a nice grippy feel against your hand. Feel free to add extra chalk on it before you roll it onto the bar. I made a few of these in our traditional style strap and about 5 or 6 weightlifters in our gym said these are their favorite ones they’ve tried. So...we may eventually release these in our traditional style strap.

I’ve also been working to restock our XO straps this week. I have about 60 pairs that are being worked on currently and about half of them are ready so they should be up on the website later today. Personally, I think this may be my personal favorite leather for straps. It’s a beautiful oiled brown leather. They call it “Crazy Horse” leather. Not because it from a lunatic horse, but it’s the nickname saddlers gave this leather. Google it. I’m sure you can find some additional information on this. It’s beautiful stuff.

This weekend, we have another event. This time we will be in the Inland Empire at the IE Championships, hosted by Boombox WLC. I’ve been friends with Eric the owner and been a supporter of their gym and events for a few years now. He has a really good group of coaches and team and they are all very inviting and friendly. He’s doing something right out there in the IE. It’s a 2 day event, which is super dope. We got some athletes from our gym competing on Sunday but I’ll be out there both days. Swing by if you are near by and say wsup!

Also, we will be bringing our new Hemp Wraps out there this weekend. AKA The Joints. We actually will be releasing them next week on April 20th. (Yeah I think kinda we’re clever for that hehe). Make sure you guys are following us on Instagram. We may be doing a giveaway for them soon. Anyways hope you guys have a good weekend. Later dudes and dudettes.