Makers Corner August 5

Shop Update

Onyx Weightlifting Co has a new member, everyone meet Derringer! Derringer came to us a few weeks ago to help us with production with the urge to expand his knowledge on everything leather. He started designing his own leather products around a year ago at home specializing in wallets, journal covers and bracelets. With the love of weightlifting like the rest of us, Derringer is a great addition to our small growing team. Future production plans for Derringer will be redesigning our wallets, coaches book, passport covers and much more.

The Amber Lifting Straps

Introducing our new natural straps the The Amber Lifting Strap. This leather is a smooth veg tan 3-4 oz. Perfect for every snatch and clean and jerk you have programed, but will take a few uses to break in. This specific color is obtained by a double tanning time to reach its unique smooth, soft, rich color.

The Amber Lifting Straps will be available August 10th, 8am PST.